Skin Growths & Warts

If you are self-conscious regarding unsightly skin growths and warts, getting rid of it is a lot easier than you might think. There is no reason to keep unwanted skin blemishes. A skin tag is a small pouch of hanging skin that is attached to the underlying skin by means of a very thin piece of skin. Skin tags are not present at birth because they mostly develop as a result of friction due to clothes rubbing against the skin. They can also be found in areas where there is skin-to-skin friction and is more common in overweight individuals. You might notice skin tags in areas like underarms, near the upper eyelids, and the folds in the groin.


Concerned woman with skin growths and warts

Diagnosing a Skin Tag or Growth

It is important to differentiate a skin tag from other skin lesions like warts and moles. Dr. Kia can help you with your consultations, and you can approach him without any hesitation. He is dedicated to providing high-quality care for his patients. A skin tag is usually identified by its external appearance. Your doctor may assess it if you feel that you need to get rid of the skin tag. Otherwise, no course of treatment is prescribed since a skin tag is very rarely indicative of cancer.

Removing Skin Tags, Growths, and Warts

Dr. Kia may recommend removing a skin tag only if it is causing extreme discomfort for the patient. Removing a skin tag is a relatively simple procedure and is complete within 20 minutes. A patient can return to their normal routine within 24 hours of the removal barring any complications. Smaller skin tags are excised without anesthesia. However, in the case of larger growths, Dr. Kia may use a topical numbing agent. Typically, a skin tag is removed by cutting it using surgical blades. Sometimes, dermatologists prefer to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag and then remove it. The use of nitrogen is standard in the removal of warts and can sometimes apply to other growth removal procedures as well. The last method is cauterizing or burning the skin tag.

Addressing Skin Growths and Warts in Los Angeles, CA

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