Sculptra® Buttock Lift

Are you struggling to get the backside you’ve been dreaming of? Sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day to go to the gym to work on your glutes. Both men and women struggle to maintain smooth, lifted buttocks regardless of their diets or exercise. Thankfully, there are options to getting your ideal backside without surgery. At Allergy & Skin Spa, our team uses Sculptra® Buttock Lift to reshape, augment, lift, and smooth the buttocks. Sculptra® is an injectable filler that works to stimulate collagen growth to add volume and smooth indentations. If you desire to feel comfortable and confident when you put on your favorite pair of jeans, our team in Los Angeles wants to help you! Contact us today for more information.


How Does Sculptra® Buttock Lift Work?

Your non-surgical Sculptra® Buttock Lift will be performed at our Los Angeles location. Dr. Kia will inject Sculptra® underneath the skin of your buttocks to add volume and smooth the surface of the skin. After the injection, you will get the opportunity to see a temporary preview of your butt lift results. This way, you can touch base with your doctor to make sure you are optimizing the results you are looking for. Your Sculptra® Buttock Lift results will continue to improve over the next couple of months as your body continues to create more collagen and build volume. 

Close-up on a woman's butt

Benefits of Sculptra® Buttock Lift

Our team at Allergy & Skin Spa offers different injections and procedures to get you the results you are looking for. Everyone has things about their physical body they want to change. Most of the changes we want to see are the ones that help our skin glow and look more youthful, as well as fitting our clothes better. With the advancement of the aesthetic world, there are so many treatments you can consider to get the look you want. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have come a long way in recent years. They’ve become an extremely effective way to achieve a wide range of aesthetic goals, including an improved buttocks appearance. Sculptra® is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth in the skin. Traditionally, it has been used to restore lost facial volume, but recently it has also been used to add volume and definition to the buttocks region. The Sculptra® Buttock Lift allows you to add roundness or fullness to a butt that has a flat appearance. Since no fat transfer or implants are involved, your treatment doesn’t require surgery. You’ll experience many benefits from the Sculptra® Buttock Lift, including:

  • Beautiful, natural looking results
  • Minimally invasive method to reshape your buttocks
  • No anesthesia required
  • No downtime and limited interruption to your daily routine
  • Shorter treatment time than surgical buttock augmentation methods
  • Provides a subtle lift and restored volume to the buttocks region
  • Eliminates the risks inherent in many surgical procedures

Before and After Results

Before and after Sculptra® buttock lift results

What Results Can I Expect?

For optimal results, we recommend a personalized series of treatments at about one month intervals. After your procedure, you may experience some swelling, redness, bruising, or soreness in the injection area. While your results will gradually appear over the next couple of months, you will get to see a temporary preview of the amazing results immediately after the procedure. If you are interested in more information, contact our office today!

Sculptra® Buttock Lift in Los Angeles, CA

If you are looking for a treatment that will help you to get the volume you desire in your buttock region, Sculptra® Buttock Lift may be for you! At Allergy & Skin Spa, we offer a minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatment solution curated to optimize your individual goals. Call our Los Angeles office today at (310) 312-1231 or fill out and submit the form below to get started.