Emsculpt® Body Sculpting

Everyone is structured differently, and yet at one point or another, we all seem to struggle with the appearance of our bodies. The most obvious solution for a subpar physique is to up our exercise game. However, this might not always be enough depending on one’s personal biology and age. At Allergy and Skin Spa, we provide effective body sculpting treatments in the form of Emsculpt®. This amazing device is one of the only FDA-cleared non-invasive contouring treatments designed to sculpt the abdomen and buttocks. If you struggle to contour certain body areas with diet and exercise alone, this in-office procedure may be perfect for you. Best of all, there is no surgery, downtime, or sweat required!


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What Is Emsculpt® Body Sculpting?

Emsculpt® is primarily focused on toning the muscles in your abdomen or rear, rather than removing fat. However, just as a good sit-up or squat workout will burn fat, the rapid muscle contractions created by Emsculpt® will provide some fat-burning results as well. People commonly schedule this treatment to:

  • Tone and define the abdomen
  • Lift and tighten the buttocks
  • Tone the legs
  • Sculpt the upper arms

How Does Emsculpt® Body Sculpting Work?

All you do is relax; the machine does all the work! Just lie back as we apply the electrodes to your muscles and activate the machine. The energy will stimulate your muscles into rapid contraction, duplicating the effects of 20,000 sit-ups or squats in minutes! While you may be a bit sore afterward, just as you would be after an intense abdominal or glute workout, this treatment is not painful.

Am I a Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Yes, anyone can benefit from this amazing procedure, especially those looking to sculpt their abdomen or buttocks. Treatments will be most effective for people who are physically active and follow a healthy lifestyle. Emsculpt® is not a miracle cure for weight loss, rather it is an effective supplement for enhancing muscle definition, strength, and size.

What Can I Expect During Treatments?

During your 30-minute treatment, we will place the Emsculpt® applicator on the targeted body area. The applicator will then emit energy to induce powerful muscle contractions. The procedure will feel like an intensive workout, but you will be able to lay down and relax during this in-office treatment. After your appointment is over, you will be able to return to your daily routine immediately. There is no pre or post-treatment preparation.

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What Results Can I Expect?

You should begin to feel tangible results after your first visit to Allergy and Skin Spa. Patients usually see positive results 2-4 weeks after their last session. Your results will continue to improve for several weeks following your treatment. If you have any questions before, after, or between your session, feel free to reach out at any time!

Emsculpt® Body Sculpting Consultations in Los Angeles

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