Sun Damage

Staying active and getting enough sun is really important for healthy living. However, the more time you spend outside, the more likely you are to incur sun damage. The appearance of age spots, sunburn, and similar issues are all a result of excessive exposure to the sun. While putting on sunscreen can certainly protect your skin, most of us find it hard to keep track of this. If you are struggling with hyperpigmentation due to the sun, we can provide you with non-invasive solutions. Get in touch and discover the best care in Los Angeles today.


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How Does Sun Damage Occur?

Sun damage happens when our skin becomes exposed to harmful UV rays. These rays come in UVA and UVB categories. UVA rays have long wavelengths and penetrate deep into your skin’s thickest layer. Prolonged exposure to these rays without sunscreen can lead to advanced aging and the appearance of hyperpigmentation. UVB rays are shorter in length, but can still cause a significant amount of damage. These rays burn the top layers of your skin and play a big role in the development of more complicated issues like skin cancer.

What Are the Signs of Sun Damage?

The hallmark signs of having sun-damaged skin include the appearance of brown spots, more pronounced wrinkles, and a rough skin texture. In most cases, exposure to the sun doesn’t cause significant health risks, but these skin concerns can make us feel quite self-conscious. If you are unhappy with the look and feel of your skin, there is help available. At Allergy & Skin Spa, we offer effective sun damage treatment options.

How Do We Address This Condition?

At Allergy & Skin Spa, we offer personalized IPL Photofacial treatments to those struggling with hyperpigmentation concerns like sun damage. This treatment option relies on Intense Pulsed Light to break up pigmentation without harming surrounding skin. When focused directly on dark spots, our treatment device can improve that specific area of discoloration with little if any discomfort to you. Best of all, no downtime is required after treatments. If you’re interested in restoring the beauty of your skin, we welcome you to connect with Dr. Kia here at our Los Angeles office. Some of the other treatments we use to combat sun damage include:

Sun Damage Treatments in Los Angeles

Improve the appearance of your skin with our non-surgical treatments. If you’re ready to get started, we welcome you to reach out and request your consultation. Each treatment at our practice is delivered with the greatest care and attention to minimize discomfort and maximize results. To get started, please fill out the form below or call our office at (310) 312-1231.