Laser Hair Removal

Despite being natural, body hair can be a nuisance. Unwanted body hair contributes to creating what is usually considered an aesthetically unappealing look, especially for women. On top of this, many people often suffer from low self-esteem and are conscious about their bodies when they have unwanted or excess body hair. Whether you have hair on your arms, legs, abdomen, back, armpits or any other body part, your usual solution may be waxing or plucking. However, both these are extremely time-consuming processes, and chances are, you can’t reach many of your body parts yourself. Besides, these are not permanent solutions. They only let you remove your body hair for a brief period of time until they eventually grow back. At Allergy & Skin Spa, we offer the GentleMax Pro™ laser hair removal system to give you the silky-smooth skin you want without irritation or prolonged downtime.


What Is GentleMax Pro™ Laser Hair Removal?

Candela is a well-known and trusted company that has been manufacturing revolutionary laser hair removal devices for years, GentleMax Pro™ lasers are among the best you can get on the market. At Allergy & Skin Spa, we are dedicated to providing our patients with only the best treatment options for any issue they may have. Dr. Kia will go to any length to give his patients the best treatment they can get. This is exactly why he uses GentleMax Pro™ lasers because these premium laser hair removal devices are trusted to get the job done right and help you achieve the look you desire. Regardless of what skin type you have, GentleMax Pro™ lasers are capable of removing your body hair. Whether you are looking for facial hair removal or Brazilian hair removal, all you have to do is visit Allergy & Skin Spa, and your body hair woes will be taken care of by Dr. Kia.

Man's hairless chest after laser hair removal

How Does This System Work?

In simple words, laser hair removal uses highly concentrated light energy that permeates your skin to remove your body hair. GentleMax Pro™ laser devices work the same way. The hair follicles absorb the light energy, eradicating them, which further prevents hair growth. Since laser hair removal can serve a wide range of patients, regardless of age and gender, and also because it is so effective, it has remained one of the most popular forms of cosmetic procedures in the U.S. and many other countries. The results are long-lasting, so you can enjoy smooth and clear skin without having to shave, wax or pluck.

What Can I Expect With Laser Hair Removal?

The procedure for laser hair removal is simple, since it is completely non-invasive, there will be no downtime post-procedure. Dr. Kia will do everything he can to make sure you are comfortable during the entire procedure. The more comfortable you are, the better and smoother experience you will have, although you are likely not to feel any pain at all. Dr. Kia will have you lie down comfortably, after which he may trim the hair before using the laser hair removal device. This makes the process much easier. Sometimes, a cold gel may also be applied in the concerned area to enable the light energy to penetrate faster and deeper. Dr. Kia will then press the GentleMax Pro™ laser hair removal device against your skin, allowing light energy to penetrate your hair follicles. As a result of the intense heat which is produced by the device, the hair follicles are eradicated, which, in turn, prevents future hair growth. 

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

On average, two to six treatments are required to achieve the full benefits from laser hair removal. The area of the body receiving treatment will determine how far apart treatment sessions are scheduled. On surfaces of the body where hair grows fast, laser hair removal might be repeated every four to eight weeks. Where hair grows more slowly, treatment sessions may be scheduled every 12-16 weeks. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some patients report feeling a mild discomfort after the procedure, which is completely normal. Some patients may experience slight swelling and skin redness. However, these are not serious enough to disrupt your daily routine, and you can carry on with your usual activities. It is strongly advised that you avoid direct exposure to sunlight for around six weeks, or as advised by Dr. Kia, after your laser hair removal procedure. It is important to note that immediately after your procedure with Dr. Kia, you will not experience immediate loss of hair in the area of the body that was treated. Generally, it takes about a week or two for your hair to fall out. Additionally, the size of the area to be treated and how dense the body hair is, will determine the number of sessions you will need to get the results you desire and how long it will take to get them.

GentleMax Pro™ Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles, CA

At Allergy & Skin Spa, you will find that your laser hair removal process is fast, safe and efficient. Depending on how large or small the area to be treated is, the procedure may take just a few minutes to an hour at most. We offer an effective, lasting solution for unwanted hair using the high-tech Candela laser system. If you are interested in more information regarding our laser hair removal treatments,  please feel free to call our office at (310) 312-1231 or fill out the form provided.